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E-ISSN: 2617-5762|P-ISSN: 2617-5754

2019, Vol. 2, Issue 2

Risks of unsustainable economic deve-lopment in Vietnam

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tien, Dr. Bui Xuan Bien, Nguyen Thanh Vu and Nguyen Thanh Hung

Vietnam is one of the countries most affected by extreme weather events due to climate change, causing great losses to production and the economy for the people. The main reason for this analysis is that the impacts of climate change are that over the past 10 years, over 300 people have died, missing, or suffered from losses on average each year. 1-1.5% of GDP and greatly influences the life as well as socio-economic activities, security, defense and the country's sustainable development with its population and increasing economic size In the last 3 years, natural disasters have caused the following losses: in 2016: nearly 2 billion USD; in 2017 was 3 billion USD; in 2018: 1 billion USD. Natural disasters are also the cause of the negative growth of the agricultural sector in the first 6 months of 2016 and significant damage to the environment and infrastructure, which takes a lot of time and resources to recover. In addition to the causes of climate change, the unsustainable development of the socio-economy also causes increased risks of natural disasters or new disasters. Some specific examples can be pointed out, such as excessive sand exploitation causing erosion of river banks and coastlines. Or as the problem of primary forest exploitation, the vegetation cover is reduced causing the imbalance of the natural ecosystem, the water retention effect of the forest land is poor, increasing floods, landslides in the areas of midland and mountainous areas.
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Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tien, Dr. Bui Xuan Bien, Nguyen Thanh Vu, Nguyen Thanh Hung. Risks of unsustainable economic deve-lopment in Vietnam. Int J Res Finance Manage 2019;2(2):105-110. DOI: 10.33545/26175754.2019.v2.i2a.44
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