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2023, Vol. 6, Issue 1

Mobile trading leads change in investment habits in India

Rajendra Kumar, Bindiya Verma and Sunil Kumar Jangir

Purpose: This exploratory research examines investors' changing behavior concerning investment schemes due to mobile trading applications in India.
Design/Methodology/ Approach: For achieving objectives of this research, secondary data analysis will be considered. The information regarding investment behavior and preference for mobile trading applications has been extracted from online websites (authorized) and published articles.
Findings: The analysis of journal articles and website resources indicates that with time, individuals have many options for making investments and using their savings, but the economy offers them some challenges. Mobile trading applications reduce efforts and motivate individuals to make investments through online means on their own.
Research limitation and implications: The trend of mobile trading is new. Multiple applications are introduced daily, and limited websites provide information about valid trading applications. This research considers Forbes Advisor India to bring relevancy to research. The study could be more relevant if SEBI, NSE, and BSE disclosed this information on websites.
Practical implications: The study provides concept of investment and savings. The change in perception and interest of households regarding investment. Being a researcher, we have attempted to depict the evolution of investment behavior of individuals in India.
Originality/ Value: All the information writings here have been considered registered journal articles. So, all the research articles are registered and published in the official journal.
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International Journal of Research in Finance and Management
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Rajendra Kumar, Bindiya Verma, Sunil Kumar Jangir. Mobile trading leads change in investment habits in India. Int J Res Finance Manage 2023;6(1):111-117. DOI: 10.33545/26175754.2023.v6.i1b.203
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