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2023, Vol. 6, Issue 1

A study of the entrepreneurial dimensions among college students in Haryana

Poonam Rajora

Entrepreneurship is one of the key forces driving economic growth. College students are now becoming entrepreneurial subjects as a result of policy encouragement and the economic climate. Examining the variables that affect their innovation-mindedness is helpful for enhancing the performance and prestige of entrepreneurs. This study examines the impact of entrepreneurship education, self-efficacy, mindset on their entrepreneurial goal. The aim of entrepreneurial education is to aid in the development of entrepreneurial capability, which consists of a variety of knowledge, attitudes, and skills. As a result, this paper makes the case that an individual's attitude towards entrepreneurship is closely related to their entrepreneurial experience. Self-efficacy is the primary factor that can assist entrepreneurs in overcoming obstacles and tackling challenges throughout the entrepreneurial process, and it significantly affects their intention to pursue entrepreneurship. Therefore, this study, reveals that self-efficacy for college students is positively correlated with entrepreneurial intention; that is, their assurance that they possess the tools and skills necessary to launch a new company influences their intention to do so. In other words, the people' entrepreneurial backgrounds are genuinely reflected in their entrepreneurial education. The impact of both entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurial self-efficacy on entrepreneurial mindset is therefore thought to be moderated in this paper by college students' entrepreneurial attitudes.
The goal of this paper is to identify the key factors that influence students from higher institutions in Haryana's entrepreneurial intention. 108 students in total responded to the questionnaire for the survey that evaluated their self-reported responses. In order to investigate the impact of entrepreneurial education and self-efficacy on college students' entrepreneurial intention, the results are taken through well-structured questionnaire.
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Poonam Rajora. A study of the entrepreneurial dimensions among college students in Haryana. Int J Res Finance Manage 2023;6(1):408-414. DOI: 10.33545/26175754.2023.v6.i1d.246
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