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E-ISSN: 2617-5762|P-ISSN: 2617-5754

2023, Vol. 6, Issue 1

Financial inclusion beyond today: A theoretical exploration

Rajesh S

This paper offers insights into the anticipated trends in the future of financial inclusion by examining past and recent developments in the financial inclusion landscape. Building on these observations, the paper puts forth predictions regarding the evolution of financial inclusion. The anticipated future trends include heightened digitalization, increased personalization of formal financial services, the provision of a comprehensive array of formal financial services through a unified platform, a switch from account numbers to mobile numbers as a means for financial inclusion, a rise in women financial empowerment, increased direct government involvement in enacting restrictive measures, efforts to empower people to utilise financial services through financial literacy programs, and the emergence of innovative financial solutions continually reducing transaction costs. The theoretical framework presented herein offers a foundation for understanding and anticipating the multifaceted evolution of financial inclusion in the years to come. The paper foresees a future landscape of financial inclusion characterized by heightened digitalization, the prevalence of personalized financial solutions, and a notable transition towards unified platforms that provide a comprehensive array of financial services.
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International Journal of Research in Finance and Management
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Rajesh S. Financial inclusion beyond today: A theoretical exploration. Int J Res Finance Manage 2023;6(1):435-440. DOI: 10.33545/26175754.2023.v6.i1d.280
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