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E-ISSN: 2617-5762|P-ISSN: 2617-5754

2024, Vol. 7, Issue 1

Exploring the effects of globalisation on street vendors' gender roles in Bhagalpur, Bihar

Rajnish Kumar

This study investigates how the forces of globalization intersect with the lives of street vendors, particularly scrutinizing the experiences of women in this context. The research, driven by a gender-centric lens, analyzes the socio-economic factors, cultural influences, and policy considerations that shape and are shaped by gender roles in street vending. Examining the economic empowerment and challenges faced by women, the study dissects income disparities and the access of female vendors to global markets. Additionally, it scrutinizes the evolving social dynamics and gender roles, exploring the cultural influences and changing social perceptions. The study not only identifies the specific challenges encountered by female street vendors, including financial inclusion and market discrimination, but also highlights opportunities for empowerment. It proposes strategies such as skill development programs, women-led cooperatives, and gender-responsive policy recommendations to enhance the socio-economic status of female street vendors. Through case studies and comparative analyses, the study aims to contribute nuanced insights for policymakers, researchers, and advocates working towards gender equality and inclusive urban development in the globalized context of Bhagalpur, Bihar.
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Rajnish Kumar. Exploring the effects of globalisation on street vendors' gender roles in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Int J Res Finance Manage 2024;7(1):12-16. DOI: 10.33545/26175754.2024.v7.i1a.274
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