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2024, Vol. 7, Issue 1

Economic integration and new regionalism: A systematic approach for economic integration

Eman Mohammed Abdullah Al Baaj and Munaf Marza Naema

The research aims to examine the role of economic integration and regionalism and their impact on economic integration, a theoretical study. Merger generally means a union of interests between two or more enterprises. This union may take place through the complete merging of the two enterprises for the emergence of a new entity. This entity is usually stronger than the two enterprises before the merger. The success of the merger operations depends on the availability of some basic components and conditions, as the matter requires the availability of favorable elements for the merger and the arrangement of the merger and integration transaction on the basis of conditions guaranteeing the achievement of mutual and equal benefits for the parties, and finally the availability of the political structure and truly effective executive management for each of the merger parties. Regardless of the difficulty of predicting the results of regionalism on the global economy, it is necessary to know how to reach mechanisms that can transform the problems and negatives likely to be produced by regional blocs into regional elements that integrate with the multilateral framework and enhance the liberalization of global trade. The process of integration or integration between two or more parties requires the presence of qualitative symmetry and proportionality. An acceptable quantity between the elements of surpluses and the elements of shortcomings of the parties to the economic merger, as it is necessary to find balances and parity between the acts of taking and the acts of giving that are exchanged in values between the parties involved in the merger process because each party seeks to achieve its self-interest within the scope of the collective interest.
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International Journal of Research in Finance and Management
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Eman Mohammed Abdullah Al Baaj, Munaf Marza Naema. Economic integration and new regionalism: A systematic approach for economic integration. Int J Res Finance Manage 2024;7(1):368-374. DOI: 10.33545/26175754.2024.v7.i1d.318
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